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We pride ourselves on being Acrylic manufacturing experts. We can produce Acrylic material in all shapes, forms, and designs. We can do everything from cutting, to engraving, to draping, to bending, and polishing. Acrylic is used in a range of industries, including: Gift boxes ; chairs ; bags ; displays, stands, and podiums ; tables and benches ; trays ; drawers ; aquariums ; frames ; architecture ; food supplies ; hotel, hospital, bank, and wedding supplies … and much more !
Our Material: Acrylic


Acrylic is a beautiful natural and modern material that is sturdy, high-performing, and flexible. Acrylic is excellent for intensifying design details since it can be produced in all types, shapes, and colors. Beside its numerous applications, Acrylic is also extremely environmentally friendly: it can sustain any climate and weather changes without losing its color or texture, or yellowing when exposed to sunlight. That’s why Acrylic is perfect for outdoor applications and is used for medical purposes and in the manufacturing of cars, submarines, and even spacecraft. Plus, Acrylic is toxic-free and does not chemically disintegrate when in hot and humid environments. That’s why it’s not a health-risk or a hazardous material: it is in fact used in making large aquariums because it does not harm marine life despite its contact with salt water.

Our Commitment


The best quality at an excellent price. At Hasbini Art EST. we strive to satisfy all our customers by producing and executing their designs with the highest levels of professionalism, precision, quality, and creativity. Despite the countless applications of our Acrylic products, few are worth highlighting. Architecture: Acrylic sheets are an excellent material that competes with glass in terms of lighting and maintaining clarity, brilliance, and transparency. Plus, Acrylic is half the weight of glass and 2 to 10 times stronger than glass in terms of firmness. The durable material is also soundproof, and can sustain any climate and weather changes without losing its properties. Engineering: Acrylic sheeting is capable of blocking UV rays without blocking sunlight, and is 50 times more soundproof than glass including double-strength glass. Furniture: Acrylic is ideal to use in furniture design and its accessories because of it offers a wide variety of options from thickness, to colors, to shapes. For furniture and accessory manufacturing, Acrylic ensures end-products are beautiful and durable since it allows customizing colors, multiple patterns, and a range of coating and shaping options. Art & Design: Acrylic allows you to realize any desired design and product. It is a durable and versatile material that offers a wide range of design options while sustaining its properties and qualities.